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Without question, a real estate transaction is often the single largest purchase an individual will make. Although we have gained valuable experience from our participation in over 15,000 real estate closings, we have not lost the perspective of the individual homebuyer. Our attorneys and staff are committed to making the process as smooth as possible from start to finish.

REO Closings

Our experience in real estate transactions began when we represented a major government entity in the resale of foreclosed properties, and eventually expanded as numerous other REO sellers sought our services. Our attorneys and staff are well versed in the inherent distinctions of the REO process, and have experience working with asset managers, closers and realtors who share a common goal: to move the property from foreclosure to closing as efficiently as possible.

Title Services

Our abstractors provide title services in all 46 South Carolina counties, and in most cases the full results of the title search are available within a matter of days. Our attorneys and staff have vast experience in the idiosyncrasies of searching titles in South Carolina, carefully examining the results of the search, and resolving title problems. Our proactive approach to title resolution and the knowledge that we have gained over the years, particularly from our representation of REO sellers, have proven to make the closing process more efficient for all of our clients, whether individual or institutional.

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